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Unfortunately, the face-to-face courses with Dinah are canceled but we have Distance Learning!

Hormone Yogatherapy courses in Brasil, in Europe, North America and all around the worls will  follow the model approved by IYTA and by YSA (Swiss Yoga Association) Y.S.A  and Y.I.F. (Yoga India Federation)


The courses are done in 3 levels:

  • Level I - for individual practice, also a pre-requisite for yoga teachers to move to level II

  • Level II (is a test done at distance).

  • Level II and III are open only for yoga teachers with a diploma.

  • Level III teaches much theory, indications and contraindications, adaptation of exercises, etc.
    It prepares to teach Hormone Yoga Therapy


To teach Hormone Yoga therapy it is absolutely necessary to do and be approved in levels I, II and III with Dinah Rodrigues.

This specialization plan has been always followed in Brazil, Europe and North America since yoga therapy started many years ago.


You want to do the specialization to teach Hormone Yoga Therapy? click here to know how to do >>

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