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Most Common Questions

What is the influence of stress on hormone level?

If the phase of stress has a short duration, as when somebody steals you wallet, it has no consequences and you recover your calm in half an hour.

But being stressed during a long time, decreases very quickly hormone level.

This happens for men and for women also, with serious consequences in for health:

It increases cholesterol level, may cause gastric problems, hypertension, etc. In our appearance, stress brings changes, causing hair loss or bunches of white hair, riddles of worry, etc.   

What results did you get to practice?

In 1993, observing the excellent results obtained by my students, I decided to do a scientific research about the effect of Yogatherapy on the hormone level and symptoms of low hormone level: hot flushes, uro - genital dryness, emotional instability, insomnia,tirar” tiredness” repetido, depression, migraine, tiredness, infertility, hair loss, etc.   

How are the emotional symptoms?

Irritability, neurasthenia, emotion instability, crying spells, insomnia, anxiety, stress.
Also discouragement, tiredness and depression.

They disappear in 2 or 3 months of practice. In 100% of the cases TPM, migraine, stress and panic disappear completely. If there are also other causesas stress, their intensity will take longer and decrease gradually. Decreased hormones is certainly the main cause of the symptoms of menopause.

Yoga therapy besides exercises to reactivate hormone production, also presents other techniques to harmonize the emotional as anti-stress techniques.

Hormone yoga therapy exercises are a solution to eliminate these symptoms.

How much does the hormone level increase?

The results obtained by women who practiced were measured with blood tests of estradiol (before the practice beginning and repeated every 4 months) and the intensity of symptoms were evaluated in a questionnaire to be repeated every month. The conclusion was that results were very positive.

Estradiol level increased average 154%.

100% of the students, within a practice of 3 to 4 months, without medications, eliminated the symptoms or decreased their intensity to near zero.

Wha is premature menopause?

Premature menopause happens before the normal age for menopause – the doctor says you are in premature menopause  if you remain one year without menstruation before age 40. Hormone Yoga Therapy has very positive results, reactivating hormone production and bringing back menstruation and fertility.

The doctor said I have polycystic ovaries.

Is Hormone Yoga contraindicated?

In your case, Hormone Yoga is indicated - it reactivates and balances the hormone production and the cysts in the ovary will be eliminated definitively.

Polycystic ovary usually causes infertility, but among my students, after 4 to 6 months practice, in 85% of the cases the desired pregnancy happened.

Low hormones may cause hair fall?

Hair loss, dry skin and brittle nails are also symptoms of low hormones (in menopause or not).

A practice of Hormone yoga stops hair loss in one month, but dry skin and fragile nails require special care – massages with a hydrating cream.

I feel good with HRT, why should I change to Hormone Yoga  Therapy ?

In 2002, in USA there was a big research and the conclusion of this study was:

HRT should not be done because of its bad collateral effects:

1 – It Increases the probability of developing breast cancer and thrombosis.

2 - The research also proved that estrogen from the HRT does not protect the heart, only the estrogen produced by your own ovaries.

To eliminate the symptoms of menopause caused by low hormones, you have a healthier solution – to practice every day 30 minutes of Hormone Yoga Therapy exercises.

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