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Dinah's Videos, Interviews and arcticles

TRANSVERSAL DO TEMPO | Panorama TV show #CulturaSP

In this episode of the series “Transversal do Tempo”, Dinah Rodrigues tells of her healthy trajectory throughout her 91 years of longevity. Graduated in Philosophy and Psychology from the University of São Paulo, she became a yoga therapist and dedicates her time to helping women who suffer from the consequences of low hormone production. “Transversal do Tempo” shows stories of contemporary Brazilians who reinvented their roles in society after the age of 60

Interview - Hormone Yogaterapy

Interview for Marcia Pavão, Dinah talks about how she developed the  newmethod that, as the name says, regulates the hormones of the body helping those who have dysfunctions in this area of health and how through if his method became famous in Brazil and in the world.

Interview - Hormone Yogaterapy

Interview with Alexandra Makowski on Hormone Yogaterapy applied in menopause, andropause and diabetes

Dinah talks about how she developed the method that, as the name says, regulates the hormones of the body helping those who have dysfunctions in this area of health and how through if his method became famous in Brazil and in the world.

Vídeo em Destaque


Testimony - Andropause 2017

Testimony of the practitioner Tarcisio Nataloni on his development in the Practice of Hormonal Yogatherapy focused on Male Hormones and on the Improvement of the symptoms of Andropausa.


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Hormon Yoga Academie  - Lotos Yoga

Hormone yoga academy with Dinah Rodrigues at the school Lotos Yoga in Strausberg, in Berlin, in Zurich, as well as on Sardinia and other trips

Hormone Yoga training to & with Dinah Rodrigues Planned hormonyoga seminars and yoga teacher training for 2017



Interview in  2015

Teacher specialized in Hormone Yoga Therapy by Dinah Rodrigues  Frida Gedeonová interviews Dinah Rodrigues about benefits of Yogatherapy

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Video - India

Interview in Berlin - 2012

Dinah Rodrigues, yogaterapeuta,

formou-se em Filosofia e Psicologia pela Universidade de São Paulo - Brasil.
É membro  integral da I.Y.T.A. e membro 

honorário como consultora do World
Yoga Therapy Council da I.F.Y. - Índia.

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Workshops in India

I have been invited to spend the whole month of April in India teaching my technique Hormone Yoga Therapy for Women and for Diabetes.  The courses were three in Pondicherry and two in Goa

Auroville Ashram is so amazing and great that to describe it is impossible.It  is a well known yoga center for its activities and research.

Class in Goa - India

A course of  Hormone Yoga Therapy for Women was given by Dinah who was invited by the famous Auroville Ashram in Pondicherry, India. There was also a big interest also i n Hormone Yoga Therapy for Diabetes.


Interview - Yoga Ministry of India

Dinah was interviewed  by Sunita Gandham , director of public relations of the Yoga Ministry of India.

The Yoga Ministry was created on the last months of 2014. 

Dr Senthil Kurma , director of Gynaecology of two big hospitals in Pondicherry organized  this interview for the Minister of Yoga.

Article in the Journal of the American Menopause Society

Article Published in Edition19 of American Menopause Society Jornal,

Yoga reduces insomnia in women with Menopause: Scientific Research

The news Portal  RHEIN-NECKAR - German

Dinah Rodrigues from Brazil travels with 88 years as a yoga teacher by the world as a woman! Dinah Rodrigues is almost 90 years old and still travels about the world history. India, the USA, Canada, South America, Europe and soon Colombia are on their itinerary.

(Text in German)



Medication reduction

"Good Afternoon, Teacher Dinah!
Here I'm going to tell you about a result/effect of a blood glucose test.
Last year it had resulted in 109, the previous year 106;
but I continued consuming soda and even including two dessert spoons in my latte in the morning.

So this year's test/blood glucose result was 124.
As the following week I had an appointment with a cardiologist,

I took this exam for him to see and then he asked me to do other tests + blood glucose again.

Between the day of result 124 and the day before the new blood test, I practiced the sequence eight times.
YT hormonal diabetes, 1st grade and I went back to the lab for the blood test.
What used to be 124 became 96 and in another exam you have to take a very sweet liquid and wait 2 hours for
look at the blood, whose index has to be below 139, the result was 66.
And the other one that checks the glycemic rate which has to be less than 5.7, my result was 5.2.

So, I really had to tell you that Yoga Hormone Therapy DIABETES
even contributed to a positive result.!

I continue with the practice of this great sequence created by you.
Now I can continue to consume some sweets/dessert in moderation.
Has the book on immunity already been released?

A hug,

Alberto - August 03, 2022

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