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About Dinah Rodrigues

Dinah Rodrigues, yoga therapist, graduated in Philosophy

and Psychology at the
University of S. Paulo – Brazil.

She is Integral Member of I.Y.T.A. and Honorary Member as consultant of the World Yoga Therapy Council of I.F.Y. - India

Her objective is to help women to reactivate their hormone production. She helps also women who have difficulty to get pregnant, polycystic ovaries, TPM and those in climacteric or suffering with the consequences of low hormone level.


Dinah Rodrigues is well known in Brazil, where for many years now, she has been giving courses all over the country.

Every year she travels to Europe and North America, teaching her technique. She is known internationally

From a early age

I have been practicing different kinds of exercises trying to find one that would suit me better.

One day,

more than 40 years ago, by curiosity, I enrolled in a class of Hatha-Yoga. My first teacher was Celeste Castilho, pioneer of yoga in Brazil.  Very soon we became good friends and I am very grateful for all she taught me.

I soon felt that yoga was what I was looking for and I developed a big interest in deeper studies of several branches of yoga.

A few years later

I started practicing yoga in the Narayana Yoga Institute, run by Maria Helena de Bastos Freire, who offers excellent quality of yoga. There my teacher was Noemia Marini for many years. My gratitude to this wonderful teacher and friend. My thanks also to my friend and Master Prof. Jean Pierre Bastiou, Prof Soubie Hahhlale USP, Dr. Monika Grau and Dr. Ana Paula Buchan from Queen Mary Hospital in London

Triyng to encrease my knowledge

I attended several national and international congresses where I had the opportunity to contact great yoga masters.  In many countries I went to bookshops and second hand books shops looking for sold out books.

I was already practicing Hatha-Yoga for many years when one day my gynecologist Dr Luciano M. Nardoza commented that my health was excellent.

I was then 63 years old. Very naturally I told him that probably it was because of my very serious practice of Hatha-Yoga.

He was admired with my health conditions.

I suggested then, that I could organize a series of exercises to activate the production of female hormones. He was very enthusiastic. I must thank him for the initial stimulus and confidence.

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